Bunnell_Charles_Blue Bird Mine Victor CO_watercolor_18x18(OPT2).jpg
Bunnell_Charles_Pikes Peak_13x30_oil_1942(OPT2).jpg
Burlin Paul_To Be or Not To Be_23x29_oil and casein on art b(OPT2).jpg
Denniston Douglas_The Pool_18x20_watercolor collage_1954(OPT2).jpg
Fredenthal David_On the Road to Pikes Peak_23x31_watercolor(OPT2).jpg
Gates_Frank Pancho_Mining Scene_16x20_oil_1935(OPT2).jpg
Johnston, Ynez_Abstract_40x26_mixed media_1956(OPT2).jpg
Kirkland Vance_Vibrations of Two Yellows in Space no 19_70x6(OPT2).jpg
Magafan Ethel_Rivers Source_30x18_tempera(OPT2).jpg
Marecak Edward_The queens Feast_30x36_oil on board_1948 (2).jpg
Smith Paul K_Untitled Green Abstract_22x28_oil on canvas_c19(OPT2).jpg
Smith Paul E_Miners House victor CO_22x29_oil on canvas_c194(OPT2).jpg
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